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The Digital World of Work – Reimagining HR


Author: Thirukumaran R | Talent Brand

Twitter Handle: @ThiruHR

‘If we step back and look at HR’s evolution over the past 30 years. HR will need to prepare themselves to adapt to the realities of ‘the workplace of the day after tomorrow’.

Rethinking Human Resources:

Embrace Technology and Analytics

AI has the greatest potential to enhance HR in five functional areas: Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, and HCM. AI tools enables HR Teams to solve critical business challenges, drive exponential performance improvements and larger business outcomes. Voice technology is also a key consideration in the future workplace. Human resource experts need to expand their knowledge on both technology and analytics.

Deliver “The New Workforce Experience”

The times are really changing on the way we engage with employees.  Build and maintain trust with employees and establish policies and practices which go beyond ‘the next better thing’.

Employee Experience Mirrors Customer Experience – To set up your organization for success, there is no better investment than people. Understand the power of technologies to change and enhance your employee experience. Algorithms and the right tools can now have access to the real-time mood of a team members based on their text patterns and use of emojis. Artificial Intelligence can help build people systems by providing cognitive support and making employees feel heard.

Understand the Big Picture

Understand about how business and companies work. The key is to change the mindset of HR — to put ourselves in business leaders’ shoes. Once the CEO sets the culture, HR partners with the leadership team on the cultural agenda. HR could then create a process to act on values.

HR Lens in a VUCA World

The pace of change demands a strong ecosystem, advancing beyond organizational structure shifts where the HR Operating model which empowers managers and leaders to engage with the workforce by driving collaboration with all parts of the function.

Build your Employer Brand story

When you have a real brand story to tell, you don’t have to sell it. Artificial Intelligence allows brands to connect better with candidates, with employees and with clients as well. Choose the right AI tools that employees can relate to and find easy to work with.

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